Photo by Michael Nguyen Photography: https://michaelnguyenphotos.com/

Photo by Michael Nguyen Photography: https://michaelnguyenphotos.com/


Hi there! my name's hayden.

I'm a Corporate Dropout turned Success Coach and Creative Entrepreneur. 

I am incredibly lucky to have the life that I do. But, it wasn't always like this.

Truth be told, I was in hiding for most of my life. Growing up, I didn't like myself very much. I was too soft, too nice, too… squishy. It became too scary to show the world the real me, so I worked on "building" another one instead. A person that never made a mistake. A model employee. A person that defined themselves as "Exceeded Expectations".

And I achieved my misguided aims. I graduated college with an impressive resume, moved to an impressive city, and started working at impressive companies. It felt like I was on track to have it all.

But… it always felt off. I found myself unhappy more and more frequently. My periods of overwhelm would border on panic attacks and depression. I tried to distract myself by staying busy and moving to different cities, but deep down, I knew there was something fundamental that was missing.

As I got more in tune with myself and the disempowering stories I'd been living in, I realized how much of my life I’d been living on other people’s terms, doing what looked good or what paid me well instead of what I deep down felt a calling to do: live a life completely by my own design and support others in doing the same. 

I’m a firm believer that we as humans already have the tools, the greatness, and the moxie we need to create the life we’ve been craving. Unfortunately, most of us have been led to believe otherwise. We come to see ourselves as flawed or unworthy of the things that we want most, making certain experiences in life impossible - the truly fulfilling job, the intimate and connected romantic relationship, the abundant financial situation.

The thing is, these things we believe to be true about ourselves… they’re all stories. They are interpretations of past events that we’ve come to view as the truth. They become the subconscious basis from which we behave, make decisions, and create our life experience. 

The true magic happens when we get clear on our stories, and strengthen our ability to choose outside of it.

And that’s exactly what we’ll do together.

As a Coach, it’s my job to bring light to the stories you’ve been living in, support you in re-discovering your true, innate greatness, and help you reimagine an experience where your only job is to live the best life possible.

I do this from a place of joy - my coaching style is loving and positive, but also bold and direct. I want my clients to feel challenged but cherished, and to know that above all, I’m fundamentally committed to their success and the greatness I see inside of them.

From this empowered place of possibility, my clients breakthrough mental and personal barriers, take complete and total ownership of their experience, and ultimately create
personal, professional, and financial success they never thought possible.


Now the question is - are you ready to get to work?

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