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It’s incredible how quickly your life can change when you get serious about following your intuition and trusting in your competence as a person.

The better part of my adult life has been underpinned by a relentless pursuit of professional achievement and on an unquenchable desire for external validation. I felt like I had to “stay on track” and do things that would impress other people, even if those things made me really unhappy. However, as I start to peel back the layers of self-limiting beliefs and social conditioning, I’m coming to realize that there is no “right path”. Really the only thing that matters is being happy and becoming the most you version of you.

As such, I’ve decided to leave my full-time job to work for myself and to travel and write more often. These are things I’ve always been interested in, but because they never fit within the idea of a traditional career, I never gave them the serious consideration they deserved.

My decision to jump has been the result of a long process of self-reflection and evaluated experiences, and while my confidence in this decision gets stronger every day, I would be lying if I said that my perceptions of what other people would, and do, think haven’t weighed on me. When I’ve told people I’m leaving, I’ve heard them say: “Are you serious? What are you doing!?”, and “That’s so risky”, and “Free-lancing is incredibly difficult and there’s no guarantee you succeed”.

Maybe there’s some version of truth in those statements, but they’re better taken with a grain of salt. People give advice and voice their concerns based on their own life experiences and perceptions of the world, none of which are the same as mine.

My life experiences have led me to know that I’m capable of working hard and figuring things out, which was instrumental to letting go. It’s something I’ve always said I was going to do “eventually”, but I’ve come to realize that the timing is never going to be perfect. At some point you need to be willing to take the first step and make the leap in exchange for the chance to live a happier and more authentic life.

After all, it’s the only one we’ve got and I will stop at nothing to make mine extraordinary.

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