Happiness and YOU!

Hayden and Happiness

Happiness isn't easy. Everyone is capable of it, but you've got to lay the groundwork.

Most of us have subconscious beliefs about ourselves that directly contradict and obstruct our ability to be happy. Your job is to find out what those are and change them.

You may hear people say "just choose happiness".

But I think that's putting it too simply. Yes, happiness is a choice, but not in the way that you would expect.  It's partly about mindset and the ‘emotion’ of joy or happiness, but it’s mostly about environment.

Are you making strides to change your internal and subconscious thought processes to more positive ones?

Are you making a habit of gratitude and focusing on what's good in your life?

Are you putting yourself first in relationships, setting healthy boundaries, and creating relationships with people that cheer you on instead of tear you down?

Are you reinventing your relationship with money so that instead of a negative black hole of perceived scarcity, it’s an exciting concept rooted in abundance?

Are you ACTIVELY looking for the next step in achieving your work purpose, even if it requires you to do something “crazy” like leave a steady job or go back to school?

Choose happiness by loving yourself and taking action towards what you want every single day.