Hi There!   


My name's Hayden. I like to say that I'm in the business of possibility, or in other words, creating a life that’s a direct reflection of who you are as a person.

As a professionally certified Success Coach, I work with conscious, highly-motivated rockstars to amplify their dreams and their impact. 

Working together, we create the future from a place of possibility - one that’s lived on your own terms and not inhibited by your disempowering stories and beliefs.

I work with my clients to:

    - Clarify what they really, truly want in all areas of life.
    - Craft careers and relationships that are meaningful, energizing, and joyful.
    - Find more balance, flow, and peace in their lives.
    - Create an enormous abundance of time, energy, and wealth.
    - Recognize the rules of life are made up -- and then make up their own!
    - Take control of their experience and live a kick-ass life on their own terms.

Clients say my coaching style is loving and positive, but also bold and direct. I want you to feel challenged but cherished, and to know that above all, I’m fundamentally committed to your success and the greatness I see inside of you.


ready to create an experience that’s worthy of you?

Book a complimentary 60 minute Success Accelerator Session with me. In this session, we’ll get clear on
your unique definition of success, what’s holding you back, and we’ll plot a course of action
to get you back in the driver’s seat of life.

Kind Words from Some Kick-Ass Clients

Some of the ways that I’ve seen growth from working with Hayden include an increased sense of transparency with my behaviors and thought patterns, less decision making from a place of fear, significantly less anxiety and stress around my career journey and overall restored energy and confidence in self. This journey has been incredible and I’d love to see others gain this same inspiration and overall new perspective on what’s possible.
— B.K., Dallas
The real value with Hayden is his ability to ask tough questions that force you to open your mind to possibilities. He is always curious and listens intently so he can reflect my
words to me as a question so I can uncover layers of previous perceptions and beliefs.

I am grateful for Hayden’s insight, wisdom, and passion for coaching. I make progress every day and am looking forward to the great things to come in my
— P.W., Chicago
Hayden is someone who will ask you questions and make you think about things you never realized you should. He empowers you to create the reality you want while being your most authentic self. Besides his approach to coaching, he is empathetic, well rounded, extremely smart and a phenomenal listener.

Everyone needs a Hayden in their life.
— B.K., Chicago